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Herceg Novi
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Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is a coastal town in Montenegro located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and at the foot of Mount Orjen ( 42°27'N, 18°31'E). It is the administrative center of the Herceg-Novi municipality, with around 17,000 inhabitants. Herceg Novi was known as Castelnuovo for many centuries. Herceg Novi has had a turbulent past, despite being one of the youngest settlements on the Adriatic. A history of varied occupations has created a blend of diverse and picturesque architectural style in the city.


The Herceg Novi municipality stretches from Prevlaka to the Verige strait. An almost unbroken string of towns lie along this strip of coast, accommodating the municipality's 33,034 (2003 census) residents. These include Igalo, Herceg Novi, Baošici, Ðenovici, Meljine and Bijela. Due to their proximity, Herceg Novi and Igalo are usually considered one town with a combined population of 16,493. Administratively, Herceg Novi's current population is 12,739.

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